My Top 6 Tips & Tricks When Trying On New Hair

by Traci Laird

This is ESPECIALLY for anyone who is new to wearing wigs.

1. Never try a wig on without makeup (if you normally wear makeup). For some reason the majority of the time they just don't look good without your makeup freshly done. 

2. Don't take it out of the box, put it on and think "OH NO, THIS ISN'T FOR ME"!
You need to make them your own! Most of the time they will need a little work, such as: Shaking upside down to loosen up the fibers, spraying with water, scrunching them up, using your hands and getting in there and playing around with them, etc. Give yourself time to get used to seeing yourself in a new "different" style. Most of the time when we get a different style and try it on we think nope this isn't me! Then we sell it or return it and months later we decide to get that same exact style again and then we love it. Give them time, make them your own, give yourself time to get used to seeing yourself in that style/color. When we're not used to having alot of hair, sometimes getting a new wig can feel overwhelming, like  you're going to think holy smokes this is a lot of hair, but others are not seeing a lot of hair, they just see beautiful hair. It takes time to get used to feeling hair on your head. I promise you, you will adjust and get used to it.

3. Do Not panic because of the shine. Most synthetic wigs have shine but that's such an easy fix. DRY SHAMPOO!! Just spray all over and scrunch it in with your hands. My all time favorite is Not Your Mother's dry shampoo (purple can). I use it on ALL of my wigs. It gets all the shine out plus it adds texture and makes them look more realistic. Also, if you get a blonde wig and it's a little too gold or brassy, once again NO big deal, this dry shampoo will get the gold and brassiness out instantly. It's been my Holy Grail for 10+ years.

4. Remember any wig can be trimmed or cut to your liking. You may get a new wig and love it but ended up returning it because you just wish it had bangs, or you loved everything about it but you wish it were a few inches shorter. Well, have bangs cut in, have a few inches cut from the length, or have layers put around the face, ect. Again, MAKE THEM YOUR OWN.

5. This tip is a favorite of mine!! I'm not sure why this makes such a big difference but it truly does. Some wigs don't look good with certain outfits (shirt's, sweaters, turtlenecks, etc). Somedays I'll get my makeup on, then get dressed, then choose which wig I'm going to wear, I put it on and think NOPE, I don't like this one with this color of top I'm wearing, so I'll go change my top multiple times until I find one that I like with my hair.

Yes I know that sounds weird but it's so true for some reason. Trying different tops on with your wig can make a huge difference. If I tried my wigs on without makeup and the wrong clothing I'd probably never keep any of them. When you have your makeup done and the right color & style of top on you're probably going to love your wigs so much better.

6. Just have fun!! It's just hair!! Who cares if it's a shade lighter or a shade darker than you normally wear. Woman change their hair color all the time, it's what we do. Trust me nobody will know nor will they care! Life is too short to stress so much just because it's not the exact shade you wanted or if it's a little longer or a tad shorter, etc.

88% of women in the entire world wear some kind of alternative hair. It's life, it's seriously no big deal. Look at ALL of these beautiful movie stars, they all wear wigs, toppers or extensions and we watch them and think WOW they're so beautiful. Do you think they worry or care If someone knows that that's not their real hair? NO they don't, they just put that beautiful hair on and wear it with confidence and a smile. We're no different! We are all beautiful, so having confidence is the KEY 🗝️.

There's SO much BAD going on in the world right now, seriously I don't think we have much time left on this earth and the last thing I think any of us should be worrying about is what others think, or stressing so much over a color that's a little bit lighter or darker or a style that's shorter or longer than we normally wear. AGAIN, IT'S JUST HAIR. Take a breath, relax, follow these tips, have fun, enjoy feeling pretty again because YOU deserve it!

Sometimes we need to step out of our comfort zone and try something different because I see so many times people will say I can't believe I love this style/color it's something I never thought I'd love but now it's my favorite.
Just wear that hair! Own it! Have confidence! Who cares what the world thinks! We're NOT here to impress ANYONE!

Note: Traci is wearing Beach Wave Magic by TressAllure in the color 14/26/R10

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You are a very wise woman Traci. Great advice for all of us. Most of us need confidence in ourselves, and your little talk is a confidence booster.Thank you.


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