Summer Survival Wig Tips

by The TL Wigs Team

It is officially summer!!! While many of us look forward to summer and the warmer weather, a lot of us are also wondering how we will survive the heat while wearing wigs. Traci and the amazing TL Team are here to give you some tricks and tips to help you feel cool while still looking hot (in the good sense).

  1. Choose Your Caps

Traci says, “When it is this hot outside, I normally grab one of my lower density and non-lace front wigs. I know that sounds strange, but wearing a low-density wig that also does not have a lace front seems to work so much better for me. In the hot heat, the lace front can get uncomfortable feeling and very sweaty. In my almost 17 years of wearing wigs, I've noticed these wigs are just more comfortable on hot days. You have no lace front to worry about and it's just overall better for the weather.

One of my go to styles on HOT days is this beautiful hair, Nadia by Envy in Sparkling Champagne. I never have to do anything. I just pull her out of the box and plop it on. When I first got her, I used dry shampoo all over and ran my fingers through her and then I just keep her in the box and she is ready to throw on and out the door I go in seconds.”

Rhea agrees with this. “I’ve been wearing wigs for over 25 years and every summer, it’s a challenge. I spent most of those years wearing basic cap wigs. Now I wear a wig cap and a wig so I thought a mono-top wig would feel cooler. It turns out that a low-density basic cap wig is much more comfortable to me.”

On the other hand, Alicia says she prefers “a short wig with a mono top.” And to prevent a lace front from lifting up from sweat and moisture, Alicia suggests gluing the lace front with Got2Be Glue.

Everyone is different so experiment and see what works best for you. Maybe you don’t need the wig cap at all or using just a grip gives you the security you need. Rhea adds that while the wig cap is another layer, it gives her a barrier of sorts so the wig itself doesn’t get all wet and sweaty. It is easier to wash the wig cap and does less wear and tear on the wig. See the wig grips available at TL Wigs here.


  1. Hat Wigs

Another great idea for summer is wig hats. Several manufacturers make all styles of hats and caps that have hair attached to the edge. There are beanies, turbans and baseball cap styles, just to name a few. Bonnie loves wearing her hat wigs. She says they are her go-to during summer days when she doesn’t feel like doing her hair, she just needs to “slap it on and go.” Check out the amazing hat wigs that TL Wigs carries here.


  1. Long or Short

Summer is the season when you think of long, loose, wavy tresses but long wigs can get hot on your neck. Some people like Alicia and Deanna prefer shorter styles in the summer. Deanna loves her Joss by Rene of Paris. She says, “It has kept me cool in this 99-degree weather.”

Don’t count out the long locks, though. Lengthy wigs are perfect for updos, ponytails, braids, messy buns and all types of cooler styles. Plus, you get to play with banana clips, headbands, scrunchies, claw clips, bobby pins and all kinds of fun accessories. Missy is the Queen of Updos, and has tutorials on all kinds of styling you can use on wigs of all lengths. Check out her shorts and tutorials on her channel

  1. Just Say No to Full Wigs

If it’s an option for you, you can just skip the wig. Missy says, “I just wear my own hair up as often as possible. As little hair on my neck, the better.” We agree.

How do you beat the heat? Share your summer wig survival tips with us in the comments and remember to subscribe to TL Wigs on the website and social media.


Note: Traci is wearing Nadia by Envy in Sparkling Champagne

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